How to set up a Google AdWords Campaign

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How to set up a Google AdWords CampaignThe basic setup in the administration of your Google AdWords campaign is important if you want a healthy return on your investment in your AdWords advertising. If you are new to AdWords advertising this guide will help you setting up your Google AdWords Campaign the right way.

A lot of new advertisers in AdWords get of on the wrong foot with their Adwords campaign because they have chosen some inappropriate Google Adwords campaign setting. Fore most campaigns one type of standard settings will be the most optimal and these are the ones that I will show you in the following. These settings should work regardless if you want to sell more products, create more awareness about your site/person or what ever other purpose you must have.


Settings in your Google Adwords Campaign.

You can find the campaign settings under “Campaigns” and “Settings”.

How to set up a Google AdWords Campaign









The changes you make will be applicable for all ad groups and keywords that belong to the campaign in question.


Locations and Languages


If you have a pysical shop that only sells to local customers, it will be a good idea to use the  location of your shop to restrict the search results to a location near you.



As language you should choose the language that you want to run you campaign in plus English. The reason for this is that some users use google.com regardless of English being their primary language. Another reason is that some users uses Google toolbar which performs search through Google.com. Therefore you will loose some relevant customers if you don’t select English in your Google AdWords campaign.

How to set up a Google AdWords Campaign

Networks and devices


The network settings are important. Basically you should never choose both the “Google Search” / “Search Partners” and “Display Network” in the same campaign settings.

How to set up a Google AdWords Campaign

When you choose “Google Search” and “Search partners” your ad will only be shown to people who are searching for your products or services through a Google search engine.

“Display Network” will show your ad on a myriad of different websites. Display Network maybe a good business, but it requires a separate campaign with different settings. Therefore you should start by ticking the “Google Search” and “Search partners”.



“Devices” allow you to select on which electronic device you would like your ads to be shown. For your ads to be effective on smartphones with 3-4 inch screens will require tailored promotions and maybe even a special mobile-friendly version of your website.
Under devices you should therefore select “Desktop and laptop computers” and “Tablets with full browsers”.

How to set up a Google AdWords Campaign

Bidding and budget

Bidding option

Select “Focus on clicks, manual maximum CPC bidding.” When doing this, you can enter how much you what to pay for each keyword when you are under the “Keywords” tab.

How to set up a Google AdWords Campaign


As a rule of thumb you want to control your advertising budget by the average click price and the income for you conversions. If you are new to AdWords and have no experience whit what keywords will convert well for your business, it can be a good idea to set a budget here so that your Adwords costs don’t get out of hand.


Delivery method

As “Delivery method” you should choose “Accelerated: Show ads as quickly as possible.” This requires however that you rarely or never exceed you daily budget limited (as mentioned above).

How to set up a Google AdWords CampaignIf your budget limited is low your campaign can stop before reaching the end of the day and you can therefore loose valuable customers. This is why you shouldn’t use the budget but the revenue on keywords to run you AdWords Campaigns. In principle you don’t want to limited a keyword if you are making money on it.


Ad extensions

Basically you always want to use this setting. Sometimes it will be best to set up you weblinks after you have set up you campaign structure, as this will give you a better understanding of what links is most profitable.

Here are a few tips for you weblinks:

  • You should only use 4 weblinks. Google will only show 4 links so if you don’t have more than this you have full control over the links Goolge show.
  • Keep your message short and simple.
  • Think of the customers needs when you choose your weblinks what are their related search in your campaign.


Advanced settings

Under the “Advanced settings” area the only thing you want to change is under “Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping”. Here you want your campaign to be set to “Rotate evenly: Show ads more evenly for 90 days, then optimize for clicks”.

How to set up a Google AdWords Campaign

This setting will allow you to A/B test your ads. Each of your ad group should have a minimum of 2 active ad texts. In this way you will be able to identify the ad text that works best for your audience. By showing you ads evenly you get statistics on the active ad texts. This will help you determine which ad is the most effective. When you have sufficient data you can pause the least effective ad and make a new one which will compete against the winning ad.

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How to set up a Google AdWords Campaign

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