Domain name ideas for your online business

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Domain name ideas for your online businessThere are a lot of things to consider when brainstorming domain name ideas for new start ups. Here we have put together the most important things you should consider when choosing a domain name for your online business.

Keep the domain name simple and short.

A good domain name is one that is easy to remember, therefore when choosing your domain name you should try to keep it as short and simple as possible as this will help people to remember it.

There is a limit on a domain name on 63 characters but short is better. Generally a domain name under 30 characters would be best.


Be original.

Good domain name ideas is a part of your market positioning strategy, this means that your domain should stands out from others in the same industry. Therefore you should choose a domain name that stands on its own merit and not on the merit of others. This also means that you should avoid trademarks names – also because want to avoid having a lawsuit on you hands.


A good domain name should say something about the site.

A made up domain name might sound cool, but it is expensive to market it to the audience. A made up domain name can also course confusion among your customers on how to spell.


No spaces in domain names.

It is not possible to use spaces in domain names. But what you can do is to use underscore or “minus signs” (that is -) between the words in your domain. I will recommend using “-” as underscore will “disappear” in the link text when you build back links to your domain.


Numbers and hyphens.

You can use hyphens and numbers in a your domain. But be careful though, if for example a person hears a radio ad for your site which name is 2makeawebsite, then the customer will probably have trouble spelling it.


Combining words.

When comming up with domain name ideas you can try to combine words that make sense together and remain memorable. This can sometimes be an easy way to find a domain name if it is for your personal use or for a small business.

Example: friedtomatoes might be good for a domain for a small business with recipes but might not suite a client site for lifestyle.


Use a keyword in the domain name.

To get better SEO ranking, it can be a good idea to use a keyword that your target audience uses in your domain name. Sometimes it can be better not to use the name of your business as the domain name, as less people will search for this.


The domain is not available.

If the domain name you want to purchase is no longer available, you can add a prefix (e.g. tips, key, secrets, top, hot, fast, etc) or suffix (info, advice, guide, tool, etc) to the name.


Watch Your Language.

It should be needless to say, but don’t put dirty words in your domain name on purpose. You also have to be careful when combining words without spaces because odd things can happen.


Check your spelling.

Make a spell check before your buy your domain. A misspelled domain will not appear professional to your audience and will question the way you do business.


Dot .com domains.

Most people will type a dot .com domain when looking for a website. If your business grow and become well known over the Internet, you don’t want some domain hunter to buy your .net and .biz domain. Therefore it can be a good idea also to registering the .net and .biz.

Free domain names.

Some web hosting companies offer free a domain name if you buy a hosting package. Avoid this at all costs. The reason is that the hosting company will be the legal owners of the domain name. You can use it as much as you want, but you are not the legal owner of it. They do this to keep you stuck with them and they will take it from you, if you try to switch to another hosting company.


Register the domain for as long as you can.

If your can afford it then register your domain name for as long as you can; five or even ten years is best. The search engines are able to pick up these details and tend to take more notice of a domain name that has been registered for longer period.

Registering your domain name ideas is very easy.

When you have come up with what you consider to be the perfect domain name ideas, you simply have to go to one of the many domain name registration companies to see if the domain you have chosen is free. The registration is usually fairly easy as you will be guided through the process.


Domain name ideas for your online business


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Domain name ideas for your online business

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